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Punching Mitts : PML-8

Punching Mitts : PML-10

All Headguards (HG) are made of 100% cowskin leather
Colors : as shown below
Sizes : M - L -XL

Price :

HGL-1 : Safety and shock reducing foam for competition use, chin adjustable strap for superior comfort.

Price :
HGL-2 : Great for training in the gym, Velcro adjustable at the back for easy to take in and off.

Price :
HGL-3 : Chin & Cheek protection for full contact sparring also provides increased face coverage.

Price :
HGL-4 : Extra head padded for Muaythai training, added protection against elbow and axe kick at the tip of the head.

Price :
HGL-5 : Chin & Cheek protection for full contacted sparring, lace up closure at the back for a perfect adjustment

Price :
HGL-6 : Elastic straps on top for comfortable fit.

Price :
HGL-7 : In this model is the Professional use for those who are really serious about their training and sparring session.

Price :
HGL-8 : Professional used in style of Velcro under the chin & back, lace up closure on the top.

Price :
HGL-9 : Steel frame built inside all over around the face also nose protected, open chin.

Price :
HGL-10 : Enclosed face, steel nose & Chin protection.

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