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MuayThai Institute


In 1994, General Vimol Vongwanich, Commander-in-chief, and general Chetta Thanajaro, Assistant Commander-in-chief (the then position) were of opinion that "MUAYTHAI" became popular worldwide and this might lead to unsystematic teaching of MUAYTHAI to foreigners who wish to study. The teaching of MUAYTHAI which was not properly taught might deviate the embedded value of Thai culture. Meanwhile, the concern was also given over the lack of profound knowledge and understanding of certain Thai boxers includingthe teather's deteriorating ethics which might damage this national art of self defense by taking it as a means to earn money rather than spreading the spoets to the foreigners in good faith. This would unavoidably tarnish "MUAYTHAI". With this concept in mild, they invited all parties concerned in the "MUAYTHAi" circle to discuss and meeting reached an agreement to set up World MuayThai Council as the main organization in charge of regulating and spreading MUAYTHAI worldwide.

After being operated under the support of the Sports Authority of Thailand, the cabinet granted approval on its establishment on ...May 1995 and it was formally inaugurated on 25 September 1995 at the United Nation Conference Center. In a meeting of the Council, all members from different countries asked Thailand to set up MUAYTHAI Institute and seek permission from the Ministry of Education to design standard MUAYTHAI course for international recognition.


To encourage the trainees to have good health and learn MUAYTHAI as self-defense art. To promote MUAYTHAI as an international sport both in amateur and professional levels.

To preserve the excellent art of defendind oneself which is called "MUAYTHAI" to be the property of world art forever. To promote MUAYTHAI to be international sport by distribution and promotion to public around the world and teach MUAYTHAI to them and also use MUAYTHAI to be a component of career.


After World MUAYTHAI Council is established by the cabinet, the members from more than 78 countries in meeting on Sep 25, 1995 ask Thailand to build MUAYTHAI school under registered permission from ministry of education and prepared curriculum of MUAYTHAI the same as the standard curriculum of any technology to promote MUAYTHAI to be in international standard and can be recognized around The world.

General Chettha Thanajaro stated that using of MUAYTHAI have many complicated and no repetition in the form which like to difficult to know deeply, but it can transfer very well to student from teacher. MUAYTHAI under physical education side made the curriculum from primary to highest level and Science Technology can prove that the restoration of ability of life can be done by MUAYTHAI, In addition, General Chettha Thanajaro stated that MUAYTHAI originated in Thailand and result from spirit and cleverness of Thai ancient ,so we can not say this art in other word over and above in world "MUAYTHAI".

The MUAYTHAI INSTITUTE recived the register permission from the ministry of education. The curriculum of MuayThai in class have newly created in the consistency for the system of international education with helping of teacher from the official institution, Physical education College, the department of physical education, and the department of national sport, also the office of committee of national tradition under the patronage of World MUAYTHAI Council . The curriculum of MUAYTHAI consist of basic, medium, high and professional level which take 120 days for study. Then, MUAYTHAI INSTITUTE consists of 2 pratice states which can be use in competition, exercise room, theoretical room and lab room. In additio, there are exhibition hall which show the competition of ancient MUAYTHAI and show the pictures of old MUAYTHAI Champions.

MuayThai Curriculum

1) FUNDAMENTAL MUAYTHAI : MuayThai Curriculum is the curriculum which give a skill of MuayThai to student accurately. The level of study will be divided in 4 levels starting from the basic of ability which include the primary skill of MUAYTHAI such as paying respect to their teacher ceremony, footstep of MUAYTHAI, defending and also using alouse, foot, knee and elbow. After basic skill, you will get into the medium skill (Intermediate Course). In this level, the student will learn about using effectively of arms and then go to advance level. The teacher will teach about the skill of advancing and defencing with the form of MUAYTHAI which is beautiful. If students want to know more advance, the school has more advance class for them and students will know about MUAYTHAI history, development of MUAYTHAI and Thai tradition.

2) MUAYTHAI FOR INSTRUCTORS : The curriculum of trainer prepared for student. The student will know the detail of history and development of MUAYTHAI. Teaching in class will include technical, the step of teaching including Thai Tradition.

3) MUAYTHAI FOR REFEREES AND JUDGES : The curriculum of referee is divided into 2 parts which is amateur MUAYTHAI and Professional MUAYTHAI. The student will know about the detail of MUAYTHAI including rules and regulation of performing in boundary of referee as well as scoring and decision in any way, resolving a problem any control of the competition in any situation.

Further, tthis school have ready for students. There are many equipments such as boxing-gloves, head guard, shin guard, sand bag, pratice stage, fitness room, technical room, lab room, MUAYTHAI gallery and sitting room for students. Also equipment (MUAYTHAI SHOP). So you can say that "MUAYTHAI school is the world of haunting man in MUAYTHAI".

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