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In 1994, General Vimol Vongwanich, Commander-in-chief, and General Chetta Thanajaro, Assistant Commander-in-chief (the then position) were of the opinion that "MUAYTHAI" was becoming popular worldwide and this might lead to unsystematic teaching of MUAYTHAI to foreigners who wish to study. The teaching of MUAYTHAI which was not properly taught might deviate the embedded value of Thai culture. Meanwhile, the concern was also given over the lack of profound knowledge and understanding of certain Thai boxers including the teacher's deteriorating ethics which might damage this national art of self defense by taking it as a means to earn money rather than spreading the sports to the foreigners in good faith. This would unavoidably tarnish the reputation of "MUAYTHAI". With this concept in mind, they invited all parties concerned in the "MUAYTHAI" circle to discuss the ethics of the sport of MuayThai. They reached an agreement to set up the World MuayThai Council as the main organization in charge of regulating and spreading MUAYTHAI worldwide. After being operated under the support of the Sports Authority of Thailand, the cabinet granted approval on its establishment on May 1995 and it was formally inaugurated on 25 September 1995 at the United Nations Conference Center. In a meeting of the Council, all members from different countries asked Thailand to set up a MUAYTHAI Institute and seek permission from the Ministry of Education to design a standard MUAYTHAI course for international recognition.

On behalf of the MuayThai Institute, we welcome you to our facility and look forward to helping you learn, train, and practice authentic MuayThai, which differs considerably from Western Kickboxing or Thai boxing. It is our hope that you manage to acquire MuayThai knowledge, skill, and technique, with the right attitude. That is, we aim to help you meet your training objectives, which may include: physical exercise and conditioning; self defense; competition, all with a humble but disciplined approach to training. MuayThai training is a very demanding form of physical exercise that leads to healthy and strong body development. Moreover, our Institute provides certification for all courses from basic MuayThai training to Professional levels of certification that also includes certifying Instructors and Referees and Judges at amateur and professional levels.

It should also be noted that the MuayThai Institute is the only MuayThai training facility in the world that is sanctioned by the World MuayThai Council (WMC), International Federation MuayThai Amateur (IFMA) and recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education. In other words, our Institute helps provide and set a global standard for MuayThai training. Many of the Masters are former Lumpini and Ratchadamnern champions.

Our Certificates are UNIQUE which can be;
- to certify for your special ability of MuayThai to enroll to college, university,…
- to certify that you completed our MuayThai course(s)
- to certify that you received a government license and can work like a MuayThai personal trainer(PT)
- to certify that you received a government license and can open MuayThai classes, gym(s), camp(s)


Our class at Rangsit : EVERYDAY with 4 sessions class a day
Morning Class : 07.00 - 09.00
Noon Class : 12.00 - 14.00

Afternoon class : 15.00 - 17.00
Evening Class : 17.30 - 19.30

Document Required;
- 4 photos, passport size
- 1 copy of passport or driver license

Uniform Required;
- 1 MuayThai Institute tank top,
- 1 MuayThai Institute short,
- 1 pair of Handwraps

- 1 pair of Ankle Guards.

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